An overall review about oracle CEO- Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd, is one of the Co-CEO of the popular software organization Oracle.  The organization oracle has been making its mark on the cloud computing field. for the past years, the organizations like Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have involved combined in this cloud infrastructure. But now, recently the statement given by Mark Hurd to CNBC news at the conference of their company had bought focus on the Oracle organization. The news given by him is that hereafter their company will play a major role in the cloud computing field overcoming the other cloud computing companies. The major reason behind the statement has been described by him in the official site of the company.

Mark Hurd

He stated that ” We have, of course, all of our Oracle technologies in our cloud,” added to that he also stated, “But I don’t think you’re going to see customers wanting to deal with 50 clouds or 40 clouds or anything like that. I think it will actually be a few. Therefore, in our cloud, we have to keep lots of technologies available to our customers. you’ll see a whole suite of capabilities.”

These lines spoken by the mark hurd had given us the view that they have been in the track to raise their stock sharing and also they have planned to implant new trending technologies in the cloud computing. Among half of the worldwide, cloud computing have been upheld by the major companies like Google, Amazon web services and IBM. At this situation, the statement given by oracle Co-CEO at their company conference had made their clients to cherish their joy. They hope their energetic conversion will result in the growth of the company and look at this site.

As by growing up to 82% in cloud computing field, they have made their decision to give their best beyond that. That is the main reason for their transformation. Oracle had also announced the acquisition of Palerra. It will help their company to provide the best cloud computing services. Hurd have also stated that they were really optimistic about their position in the cloud and they were also happy about their leadership in their growth of their company. By revealing their actions, their ability to compete had been known to their clients. After being calm for these days, they have made a right transformation at the right time.